Jurjen Bersee




Gingko Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-01

This new, compact, portable version of the critically acclaimed bestseller, "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, " immerses the reader in a virtual tour of NYC at its most authentic from tiny stores tucked away on narrow side streets to well-known institutions.... Meer
University of Texas Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2010-12

The promise of an empty football field is an irresistible force for those who understand and revere the game, Jeff Wilson observes. Drawn by the sense of possibility and nostalgia inherent in every stadium, Wilson travelled the state of Texas to photograph high school stadiums for a photo essay that... Meer
teNeues Publishing UK Ltd
Meertalig - Paperback | 2010

Londen is een ongeëvenaarde mix van traditie en vernieuwing. Nergens is dit duidelijker te zien dan in de hotels. Dit forse boek toont chique hotels die ervoor zorgen dat zelfs de meest sleetse gasten zich verbazen. Elk beschreven hotel bevat lijsten met hotelfaciliteiten alsmede nabijgelegen r... Meer
teNeues Publishing UK Ltd
Engels - Flexicover | 2010

Cool Hotels Australia/Pacific hand-picks the best modern accommodations throughout the region. A generous assortment of alluring photographs highlight fashionable furnishings and exceptional decor.... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2011

Landscape and architecture from the founding member of the Velvet Underground.... Meer
Amphoto Books
Engels - Paperback | 2011-06

This is a definitive guide on the many faceted subject of photographing buildings. It is useful for both students and professional architectural photographers in need of trusted information and advice on the many faceted subject of photographing buildings. This is a definitive guide from an industry... Meer
Hatje Cantz
Engels - Hardcover | 2008

The crumbling splendor of Calcutta's architectural heritage, captured in marvelous photographs.

In nineteenth-century Calcutta, a financially strong Indian elite emerged under the rule of the British East India Company, building up eclectic Bengali equivalents of industrialists' mansions,... Meer

Hatje Cantz
Engels - Hardcover | 2007

Walter Niedermayr is known for his photographs of alpine landscapes in blinding light, as well as his large-scale multi-panel works. The Tokyo architects SANAA (the team of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa) are known for their Minimalist and even ephemeral-seeming buildings, a portfolio that include... Meer
Triangle Postals , S.L
Engels - | 2009

When Gaudi decided to build the definitive temple he did it conscientiously. His most famous construction is full of allegories, details, symbols and hidden messages. This book deciphers the secrets of the Sagrada Familia.... Meer
NAi Uitgevers / NAi publishers
Nederlands - Hardcover | 2010-3

Voor de fotograaf van architectuur, stad en landschap zijn er verschillende posities mogelijk, van puur documentaire productfotografie tot autonome kunstfotografie. Ergens daartussen bevindt zich de fotograaf die graag in opdracht werkt, maar die opdracht wel herformuleert en er een eigen interpreta... Meer
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